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Back Pain & Sciatica ​

Back Pian

Back Pain & Sciatica

Back pain often develops as you engage in daily activities. You may lift something too heavy, fall and twist your back, perform repetitive movements that stress your back muscles or suffer a sports injury. As you get older, ongoing back pain may occur due to problems such as:

These conditions often pinch one or more spinal nerves, a condition known as radiculopathy. The most common example is Sciatica where pain or numbness/tingling could travel all the way down your leg.

We will perform a comprehensive history, set of physical exams, and Digital X-rays (if needed) to properly diagnose the cause of your problem and see if chiropractic is the right treatment for you.

Malibu Back Pain Chiropractor

Dr. Letzt is focused on finding the ROOT-CAUSE of your Back pain and fixing it, not just managing your symptoms.

Dr. Letzt specializes in treating patients who are experiencing back and hip pain, tightness and discomfort including sciatica and piriformis syndrome. 

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