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Car Accidents & Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash Injuries

Car Accidents & Whiplash Injuries

After a car accident, you may have pain or you may not. Many people without pain (if not treated) tend to get worse over time, even with a minor whiplash injury. It’s common after a car accident to feel some minor stiffness, but this could develop into severe neck or back pain along with headaches and shoulder pain.

Research shows that impacts between the speeds of 8-20 mph exert enough force on the head and neck to cause brain stem injuries (that could manifest as neck pain and headaches). This force was actually found to be worse for children 3-4ft tall because the seatbelt provides a fulcrum that increases the impact forces on the child’s head and neck exponentially.

Unlike other injuries, car accident injuries can get worse over time and can eventually become completely debilitating for a person.

We will take x-rays of your spine to assess injuries and specialize in adjustments to the neck and rest of the spine that will treat the cause of the injury.

Many times people are concerned that they will have to pay out of pocket for their treatment after a car accident but in 90% of cases, this is not true because chiropractic is covered by their auto insurance and it doesn’t even raise their insurance premiums.

Patients can be assured that chiropractic care is safe and effective after a car accident. It is wise to see a chiropractor immediately after a car accident to get checked out and assessed for injuries that could severely affect your life in the future.

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Dr. Letzt is focused on finding the ROOT-CAUSE of your issue and fixing it, not just managing your symptoms.

After all, you cannot change the effect unless you address the cause. If there is a pinched nerve, none of the body’s functions can occur as they should.

Dr. Letzt specializes in treating patients who’ve been in a car accident and have received a whiplash injury or are in any type of pain or discomfort.

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