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Plantar Fasciitis​

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

This usually happens to people who are very active such as runners or hikers.  The tissue at the bottom of your foot, under the skin, is called fascia.  Due to repetitive micro trauma your fascia can accumulate adhesions (or knots) that begin to tighten the fascia and pull on your heel (sometimes causing heel spurs).  This tissue can become inflamed and very painful. By realigning the bones in the foot and breaking up the adhesions, Plantar Fasciitis is usually easy to treat and gets you feeling pain-free.

Malibu Plantar Fascitis Chiropractor - in the heart of Malibu

Dr. Letzt is focused on finding the ROOT-CAUSE of Plantar Fascitis and fixing it, not just managing your symptoms.

After all, you cannot change the effect unless you address the cause. 

Dr. Letzt specializes in treating patients dealing with plantar fascitis and other ankle tendon and joint problems.

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